BBB Dying Waves Cover.jpg

Dying Waves

by Bowery Boy Blue

Recorded by Jake Belser at Primary Sound Studios, a studio built in an Indiana country church, the band was able to set up together in one room and refine and expand upon the arrangements they’d developed together on the road in a space that could truly capture the intricacies of those performances. Additionally, Dying Waves expands on the textural augmentations of its predecessor, Stalk That Myth, with brass arrangements from Michael Kapinus (Magnolia Electric Co.) and string arrangements from Megan Gould (Jenny Scheinman, Lou Reed, Donovan) as well as a panoply of pump organs, percolating synths, tack pianos, live vocal processing, and other such textures. The added warmth of Kate Long (Early Day Miners) on harmony vocals completes this rich sonic landscape.